Keyleth Siannodel

Elf Cleric of Darius, Knight of the Morningstar


Keyleth Is generally shy and reserved, she spent most of her life in temple as an acolyte content to live out her days studying the ancient texts and their interpretations. She has a thirst for knowledge and seeks out any opportunity to learn more about a subject that interests her. She never expected to join the ranks of the Morningstar or even to serve as a Cleric of Darius she thought that when the time came to choose a Service she would be chosen for Tamrael. All of that changed when she met Torment. Torment was new to the Temple and was training to be a Knight but she was illiterate. Keyleth was assigned as her Tutor and the two became friends. Torment was determined to enter Morningstar and trained hard for it. When the time of choosing came Keyleth had formed a bond with Torment that made her hesitate. She was too invested in her friend and by proxy in the world to retreat into a musty library for the rest of her years. Keyleth passed by the Pirests of Tamrael and walked confidently to the side of her friend and right into her new life as a Knight of the Morningstar.

It wasn’t that simple. Keyleth had to train hard for the job but she found the strength to succeed. She thought she would regret it but she never once looked back, firm in her faith and conviction that Darius had chosen her for this task. When the Section commander assembled the team Keyleth was as shocked as anyone that she was named their leader, but the look on Torment’s face reassured her that she was being called by her god to do the task before her.

Keyleth Siannodel

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