Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

The temples hold Alice up as the standard by which we they judge people. ‘Be more like her that is the greatest’ is often part of the sermons you will hear in temple. Here is what she had to say about the other gods

“It is human nature to want to follow, I hadn’t realised it was also dwarven and elven nature to do the same. Darius is a competent leader but any of the others could have stepped up and we would have followed willingly. At first at least.”

“I never worried about her connection to the Wyrms it was clear to me Ophelia despised them as much as Darius did”

“I keep hearing these stories about Zemo the great Ranger. But whenever he’s around me all I see is this bumbling idiot.”

“She puts on this façade that she thinks makes her look strong but underneath Leylanna is probably the most frightened of us all”

“Without Rigby I think we would have struggled a lot more. All the troubles we had seemed less important after one of his songs. He had a way of warming hearts and making you feel safe.”

Strum turned on his own people in order to join with us. And he knew we wouldn’t trust him because of that. Yet he never once betrayed us not even a little. He was resolute in his puruit of our goals even when they were detrimental to himself.”

Tamrael wants me to teach him how to dance. I don’t know how he even knew I could dance, It seems an innocent request. So it probably means he has an agenda”

“If she doesn’t want my help, I won’t force her. But Orlanna could certainly do with some spiritual guidance”

“All he sees are the animals and plants being consumed by industry and the Elves at the centre of it. He forgets that these forests were the province of the dwarves not 20 years ago. And that the elves are trying to restore natures balance. We have spent so much time fighting the Elves that he is blinded to the good deeds they can do.”

“I’m rallying against Daneth, Kathrassa’s rallying against The Lambent One. We have a bond none of the others can understand. So much is riding on our success, the two of us literally cannot afford to fail”

“I take it back you wouldn’t get anything serious done if you put Taneck in charge.”

This text of Alice is all the proof that the temples need. Daneth is certainly the first city. It has to be to be referenced here by Alice. There may be some argument for it being slightly later than The First City, either way the history of the place goes back to the beginning.


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