Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

We see some of the parables of the gods themselves from their own perspective, we have various references to the other gods that allows us a chance to see into the mind of the gods, certainly where their fellows are concerned. What follows are some of the more memorable quotes they have said about each other in scripture.

Darius on the other Gods:

Ophelia is descended from the very enemy I dedicated my life to destroy. I’ll never trust her.”

“When we finally reached the last cave of the Great Wyrm’s Zemo found the nest and joked we should make an omelette. But when his back was turned to me I could see he was weeping. We had wiped out an entire race, no matter what their crimes were ours were greater and we knew our judgement would be far worse in the long run”

“I have met many women in my travels across this land. Few were as fierce or as beautiful as Leylanna. I was truly smitten but she never returned my affections.”

“We approached the Giants slowly not wishing to disturb their slumber, counting ourselves lucky that they were not awake this late in the day. What we found was a strange little man playing a flute. The music was like nothing I had ever heard before, it was enchanting and soothing, and had it not been for Zemo keeping me on my toes I might have fallen under the same spell as the Giants. Rigby later took the mantle of Champion of Entertainment. But Zemo used to jokingly call him the Champion of Boredom because his greatest trick was putting folks to sleep”

“Few of us really trusted Strum. It’s was hard to take him into the group knowing what he had done. He was a traitor to his people and he knew he could never go back to them. I felt sorry for him. He chose exile for himself leaving his family behind. He once told me that he had lived too long and before he died he wanted a legacy he could be proud of. He didn’t really get his wish”

“Sometimes I think Alice was put here just to keep us all in line. She always knows just what to say to make you realise how much of an idiot you are.”

“Sat in the middle of the field covered in crows. It looked like he was asleep, but apparently he was just meditating. Zemo swears he heard snoring. It takes some time to get past Tamrael’s superiority complex. He thinks he’s better than everyone else or something. Still he can fight, and we’ve made it through a few scrapes that we wouldn’t have without him.”

“We are about to ascend the peak and make our challenge. Orlanna’s presence makes me nervous, I would never have asked for help from her kind. Mark my words this is going to come back to haunt us”

“Then the whole forest erupted and the trees started to kill the Elves. Everywhere I looked the very homes of these people had become a hazard intent on wiping out their entire population. I rushed in to try and save some, this was never what I wanted. But my efforts amounted to nothing and I could only bear witness to the genocide of an entire civilization. Afterwards Harrick stood in the middle of the destruction he had caused the rage still apparent on his features. A small elven child was clinging to her dead parents he approached her slowly and raised his club before ending her life as quickly as he ended the spell that had destroyed her home.”

“When Kathrassa came to us asking for help, I assumed it would be to overthrow some tyrant from her homeland but that was not the case. We spent ages working our way through the underbelly of the city fighting criminals, mercenaries and thieves. There seemed to be no real organisation to them, the fights seemed random. When I confronted her about it asking exactly what we were doing she seemed surprised that I would care. It turned out her sister had been kidnapped and sold into slavery by one of the gangs in the city. But she didn’t know which. Through her magic she could detect those who had broken the law. She was just being thorough”

“Once again Taneck reminds me that things are getting better. As if I was about to give up on the quest or something. The truth is if we stopped now the world would probably fall apart. It no longer matters if things are going to get better we simply have no choice but to continue anyway”
Darius leaves little doubt that the gods are themselves flawed just as we are, I am once again reminded that many of the parables leave a lot of doubt as to the origin of the gods. Darius here doesn’t seem to acknowledge any relationship between Zemo, Alice or Rigby. Yet I’m sure you have all heard in temple that they are a family. When I took my vows these inconsistencies never seemed as problematic to my faith as they do now. Every day I am convinced there are texts which have not been revealed, passages which will explain these inconsistencies. For now we are left to muse for ourselves what is true and what is allegory. Anyway onto Ophelia…


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