Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

Strum is a strange character. Rigby and the others all refer to him very rarely and as such we have little to go on. Still the following quotes do show his interaction with the others.

“This human has convinced me that the rest of my kind need to be destroyed. Or an attempt made at least. As a race we have committed as many atrocities as the Wyrms and are no less worthy of the position we hold than they are. Darius they call him. The Morning star. His light will show me the way”

“I have spent my life studying the final mysteries. And yet for all I have learned there is still so much more to this world. Ophelia holds more raw power, despite her unrefined technique, than I could ever hope to match”

“The others were completely oblivious to it. But the way his shadow moved, and the insistence that we number twelve exactly. This was not the only odd behaviour I had observed of Zemo. The dwarf was hiding something I knew it.”

“I wept with Leylanna when Harrick murdered the Wood Elves. They were not the one responsible. She has vowed revenge against him. I could stop her but I have no stake in the outcome. Darius worries this means the end of our group. But I am certain more than ever that we don’t need twelve.”

“I take everything he says with a pinch of salt. Rigby is more interested in fame than accuracy. His flute playing is excellent though”

“I have seen Alice cry only twice. Before the incident and the forest. And afterwards when she thought she was alone. I suspect she knew Harrick’s intentions and she somehow blames herself for not stopping him”

“We made a deal. We would both keep an eye on the Feywild. I knew why Tamrael made that deal with me. And to be fair he probably knew that I knew. Once the third Orb was used I lost my connection to it, the reigns slipped from my fingers, but Tamrael was there to catch them. Had he not, disaster would have consumed the world”

“Two months she had travelled with the group, none of them had tried to help her. Her patron was still chasing her. Orlanna didn’t want my help. But she needed it. When he turned up to reclaim her I was waiting. The Lambent One he called himself. I opened the portal to the realms of the Sidhee and used their power to banish him. Orlanna stood in awe unable to find the words to thank me. I did not need her thanks. I had proven my hypothesis, the denizens of each realm were equivalent in power.”

Harrick and I are two sides of the same coin. Masters of our respective magicks. He understood me and I respected his power.”

“She took it upon herself to be their messenger. I had declared war on the Underworld. Apparently my one action on behalf of Orlanna had broken the hold of the Infernals over their Tiefling servants. Kathrassa wasn’t upset. She wasn’t even looking to be saved either. She just looked amused. As though she had ring side seats for a gladiatorial bout between two prize champions”

“He tried to steal my spellbook once. After spending two weeks as a Donkey Taneck decided to keep his distance”
The most eloquent Orc in the world they called him. He doesn’t go into much detail of his life but we have countless tales of his deeds. He was a very serious man, dedicated to his studies and the cause.


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