Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

Zemo on the other Gods…

“He looked up at the Dragon and he simply said NO. I admired that. He was going to get himself killed but I admired it. When he was stood over the body of the Wyrm pick axe covered in blood it took a while before we understood we could cheer. Darius had shown us freedom and we meant to have it”

Ophelia looked at us as if we were scum. We had killed her cousins by the hundreds and you could see the revenge brewing in her eyes.”

“Darius was smitten with her. I was weary. Leylanna helped us against her kin that’s true, but she’s still an Elf, Wood or High there’s no difference if you ask me. They took our land and drove us into the mines where the Wyrms were waiting I haven’t forgotten that”

“Next thing you know his bloody Morningstar is on the floor, slipped right out of his hands. I have no idea why the music didn’t affect me but it seemed to work on the Darius and the Giants. Rigby says it’s because I have no taste in music the cheeky sod.”

“Hated by his old friends and mistrusted by his new. I felt sorry for Strum. He was just trying to help his people and make the world a better place like the rest of us.”

“If the gods could create someone as perfect as Alice then maybe we were wrong for opposing them. We had spent so long facing monsters that when she joined our group I had given up all hope of ever knowing love again.”

“I keep forgetting he’s an Elf. That’s probably a good thing. Tamrael is not the first person I would go to if I needed something. But he can hold his own in a fight”

“We were tracking a Wyrm when we came upon Orlanna’s camp. The fire had been put out but only recently so we knew whoever made it hadn’t gone far. There were no tracks at all, whoever it was knew how to hide. The next thing I knew the damned witch was on top of me about to cave my head in with her axe. Luckily that was when the Dragon turned up”

“Hundreds dead in minutes. The whole place was devastated. The Elementals brought the heads of the Giants back to our camp and soon the stench of their decay was impossible to tolerate. Harrick observed his servants working with little emotion. This was different to the scene with the Elves. Then I understood his reasons. This was just slaughter. Yes we had come to fight the Giants and end their tyranny but I didn’t expect the brutality of it. Harrick was effective. But we were all afraid of him from that point onwards.”

“I knew what Kathrassa had been through. I’d seen the destruction myself. I never had to make the choices she did. Would I have been any stronger? I doubt it. I don’t blame her for how things turned out”

“I have little time for Gnomes, less time for Thieves and no time for Taneck

Zemo was an almost constant companion of Darius yet many important parts of his life happened away from his friend. These words are often used to argue for the relationship between him and Alice. Yet those same words also indicate other gods before ours. There has been some criticism and distrust of all of the texts that deal with Zemo’s life. The inconsistencies with dogma lead many to believe they have been mistranslated.


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