Backgroundy stuff:

When I was 11 I ran a game of AD&D for my friends at school. In some bizarre act of self hatred I had 12 players (on and off, it was rare they all played at once, probably more accurate to say I ran 3 AD&D games simultaneous with my players swapping groups regularly) Being 11 and harbouring the power gamer gene I made the worst decision a DM can make and I gave my players access to infinite wishes. They then proceeded to wreck the world and eventually used them to over throw the gods and become the new pantheon.

The world of Lym was a mess. I learned a lesson there. But decades later when 3rd ed came out I decided to revisit my old playground. I am certain I forgot some of the minor details but I started to think about what the world would look like after the previous player group had finished with it. This world wracked by cataclysm became the setting for a one off adventure I ran when I first moved to Didcot. The group were presented with half a dozen potential end of the world plots to finally finish the destruction the first group started, they were supposed to only really focus on one and that would become the main plot but the group set in motion 3 extinction level events. The game didn’t finish though the group fractured and the plot was left unfinished.

That brings us to our third iteration of Lym. I have cleaned up the back story a lot. But kept elements from both of the original games to create a world where a group of mortals sprouted a rebellion and reformed the world through the use of a set of powerful artefacts before challenging the gods and usurping them. Thousands of years after that event a vein of magical crystal was discovered that contaminated everything it touched slowly turning them to crystal and adding them to its mass. The expansion of the crystal has been relentless and now the entire continent where the crystal was discovered has been converted to a giant crystalline island. Refugees from that continent have shown up all around the world. The most notable being the Orcs. Somehow they seemed to have prior warning of the disaster and began an expansionist campaign long before the other races figured out their homes were being destroyed. Now vast areas of territory have been subjugated by the invasion of the Orcs.

The races in general intermingle more than in some other fantasy worlds. It is not unusual to see tieflings and dwarves hanging out with elves in the forest, or humans and halflings, sitting alongside dragon borne on the joint council to a sovereign monarch. There are racial territories but there is a lack of the usual xenophobia exhibited in other settings.
There is no language barrier, for some reason unknown (and in fact few but the greatest historians or archaeologists even question it) every sentient race is born knowing how to read, write and speak the Common tongue. Other languages exist almost exclusively as use as codes and secret communication between members of a particular race. Teaching outsiders your racial language is seen as bad form. Even humans have their own languages for this purpose.

Lym - Dungeons & Dragons

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