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Where oh were did the treasure go?

The parties forged a path towards the Wyvern cave. There they faced more of the beasts than they expected but made it through the battle without any casualties. At the end Anders collected the tails of the dead wyverns and extracted their poison “for cleaning purposes” The party found more gold and treasure than they had seen previously leaving them to believe they had hit the jackpot but still leaving Sakataal needing a loan to get his new armour.

The session ended early meaning there is little else to say in the log. Here is a list of outstanding quests as a tidy reminder:

Mike – Delivery to Killian Natas in Starby
Barric – Defend the rights of the Bashers in Land’s End
Barric – Attend the party of his nemesis/Eliminate said nemesis
Lilith – Search the remaining family property of Vatau
Merendes – Begin the dig for The First City
B Party – Track down the Chuul and follow them to defeat their Aboleth Master

The Story So Far...

Our intrepid band of followers met in the town of Land’s End which sits upon an outcropping of rock accessible only by a small land bridge. The town is sinking slowly into decline as it relies more and more on overland trade as the seas along it’s coast become ever more treacherous.

The first thing the heroes decided to do was to retrieve a stolen missive, a letter to an antiques dealer by the name of Kilian Natas who lives in Starby in the neighbouring country of Alecien. The package was in the hands of the notorious Bronze Crows an underworld gang of thieves and bandits.

After dispatching the Crows and retrieving the package the heroes ventured out of the town to rescue a Peacekeeper by the name of Almon Amakiir. The band were lead to believe he was captured by Buliwuggs but it turned out the townsfolk of Mossgrasp and the Buliwuggs had a common problem, a Basilisk that was terrorising the area. Dealing with the threat posed no great problem to our heroes and they soon had their friend Almon back to civilisation… mostly in one piece.

From Mossgrasp the characters plunged onward to the town of Deepbrook and toward the Forgotten Tomb of Vatau the dreaded Necromancer. Whilst in Deepbrook the band accidentally fell into the middle of a dispute between two powerful Magi in the sinister Guild of Mages. Our intrepid heroes did not deter from their main mission however and they ploughed on to find the Tomb and end the Undead Menace.

However the “Tomb” turned out to be an old Laboratory of the Evil Necromancer. Upon entering they discovered his vile experiments into the creation of a Super Lich but no sign was found of Vatau himself, only the Demon infested body of his son Venin. Clearing the lab took several days and when they returned to Deepbrook they hoped to get a Heroes welcome only to find that the town were celebrating another band of adventurers, a group of Knights from the Order of the Morningstar who had defended the town from a Wyvern attack.

The two groups had some tension at first but they put that aside to defend the town once again from two Shield Guardians supposedly sent by the Mages Guild to end the internal conflict between its warring members. The two parties worked well together to end the threat and building on their success they agreed to band together to find the nest of the Wyvern and make sure no other winged beasts could threaten the town.

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