Almon Amakiir

Elf Fighter. Peacekeeper


Almon is a member of the Peacekeepers a force of wandering legal enforces that get involved in Investigation, trail and sentencing when necessary. Some call the Peacekeepers in to help them when they think they are being treated unfairly by the legal system, but mostly they are called on to be the legal system in areas where no formal system already exists.

Almon spent 50 years as a Constable wandering the land doing such work, but in the last few decades he has been tasked by his superiors with recruiting new blood into the Peacekeepers. He doesn’t ignore the call to duty when it comes however, and his recent embarrassment in Mossgrasp is a prime example of how even a veteran Peacekeeper can be caught unaware.

Almon Amakiir

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