Half Orc Sorcerer, Knight of the Morningstar


Gus was born to a Noble family, or possibly he was born to an orc woman who claimed he was of Noble birth. Either way his Human family wanted nothing to do with him and the scandal, and his Orc family were killed when he was very young. He is clearly Dragon blooded so there is nobility on one side of his family, but as Gus himself says “Where I come from doesn’t matter. There’s nothing for me back there. My story lies over there”

He could have been picked up by the Mages Guild or the Academy easily enough but it was Torment who found him. He had no purpose and she gave him one. He is very grateful for that. They understand each other on a level the others just don’t get. Neither one has family waiting for them and both are considered outcasts most places they go. The Order gave them a purpose and it gave them legitimacy. Gus owes everything to Torment and he would follow her to the Underworld and back if she asked.


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