Tiefling Paladin, Knight of the Morningstar


Torment comes from a broken home, she learned the hard way how to survive on the streets. She never once considered herself religious, the Temples were just a place you could occasionally get a free meal. The gods obviously didn’t care or they would end her torment. That was the name she took for herself because it was the one thing that described her completely and that is the only lesson she took from her Tiefling heritage – Never forget what you are.

One day she saw a cutpurse working the docks, she wouldn’t have stuck her neck out for anyone in those days, so it came as a complete surprise even to her that she should shout out a warning to the well dressed gentleman talking to a merchant. He turned around at her cry and saw the thief in the act of stealing his purse. Torment saw the gleam of armour under his clothes and watched in awe as he swiftly dealt with the criminal. He thanked her for the warning and told her to come with him to the Temple for a reward. She was weary but for some reason felt she could trust this man. She went with him to the temple but when she got there he suddenly vanished. The acolytes offered to let her stay as long as she needed. Before long she was an acolyte too as her knowledge of religion grew she became convinced it was Darius she had seen that day and that he had some purpose for her. Joining the Order of the Morningstar became her primary goal.


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