Lym - Dungeons & Dragons

Where oh were did the treasure go?

The parties forged a path towards the Wyvern cave. There they faced more of the beasts than they expected but made it through the battle without any casualties. At the end Anders collected the tails of the dead wyverns and extracted their poison “for cleaning purposes” The party found more gold and treasure than they had seen previously leaving them to believe they had hit the jackpot but still leaving Sakataal needing a loan to get his new armour.

The session ended early meaning there is little else to say in the log. Here is a list of outstanding quests as a tidy reminder:

Mike – Delivery to Killian Natas in Starby
Barric – Defend the rights of the Bashers in Land’s End
Barric – Attend the party of his nemesis/Eliminate said nemesis
Lilith – Search the remaining family property of Vatau
Merendes – Begin the dig for The First City
B Party – Track down the Chuul and follow them to defeat their Aboleth Master



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