Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

There are few works directly quoting Leylanna. Most of the stories we have of her are told by Rigby. The following is the most comprehensive assessment of her attitude towards the others. But please consider the source:

Darius is paralysed with indecision. He wants to stop me you can see it in his eyes. But his feelings for me and his hatred of Harrick make him hesitate. When I loose this string I will have set in motion events that ruin our carefully laid plans. But I have no choice Harrick already pulled this bow taught for me”

Ophelia left me know choice. The poison wasn’t deadly but I had to incapacitate her. She was going to warn Harrick.”

“The dwarves complained that we stole their trees from them, but they forget we only became wood elves because of their deforestation efforts. The land was being stripped bare and we had to act. Zemo was one of the few dwarves I met that didn’t want to kill me on sight. Though I expect it was Darius’ influence that stopped him, not his conscience.”

“Once again he tried to set me up with Darius. This time I stabbed the quill through his hand. That was the last time Rigby brought up me and Darius”

“The reason I never returned Darius’ affections was because of the mission. What we were doing was far more important than our personal lives. But the other thing was that I was more attracted to Strum than I was to the Human.”

Alice. I need to tell you why I did it. You can judge me if you wish but I do not regret my decision.”

Tamrael was a wood Elf like me. I think we stuck together with Strum at the beginning because of the general hatred we were subjected to. Safety in numbers. Tanrael was better at letting the others get close to him and some of that rubbed off on me I suppose”

“I had to respect Orlanna she had been dealt the worst hand in life but she was determined to make something positive with it. She was far stronger than I was.”

“I brought 11 crystal shafts with me. I shouldn’t have but I did. As I sighted down the glistening rod at my target I wondered how Rigby would record this in his book. That one thought destroyed everything, I nearly laughed which would have given away my position and ruined everything. Darius was trying desperately not to reach out and stop me, but he was torn between love and duty. The crystal in these arrows was the strongest material my people could make. The shot was lined up perfectly, nothing could prevent the kill and my aim was true. I dropped the bow and let the arrow sink into the ground. I told Darius that I didn’t have a clear shot on Harrick, and that if I missed Rigby wouldn’t let me live it down. But the truth was that little Halfling was getting to me and I was having second thoughts”

“She was weeping, it almost looked convincing. She told me what Harrick had done with more emotion than I had seen her display in 5 years. I didn’t believe for one second that Kathrassa genuinely cared about my people. She just wanted me to kill Harrick. I decided to let her think she had manipulated me”

Taneck was the last to join our group. He never really fit in. He was very helpful getting us into the vault though.”

Ultimately the story of Leylanna is tragic, forced to work alongside the very people who waged war on her own people. Yet she was instrumental in creating the world we live in.


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