Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

Ophelia on the other Gods…

“He’s a brave fool. The Wyrm’s were terrible it’s true. But Darius went crazy in those mines. He wasn’t going to stop until he had killed them all. One day he will pay for that crime, and I’ll be there to see it.”

Zemo missed the trees. He missed his home. I think he would have rather been fighting the elves to reclaim his heritage than the Wyrms. But he always did what Darius asked”

“The High Elves tried to take over from the Wyrms. We stopped them. That’s where we met Leylanna. She was a Wood Elf in the enemy army. She switched sides part way through the battle. We didn’t need her help, but because we got it we decided to spare her. She’s still working for them I’m sure of it”

“I swear Rigby if you don’t stop that infernal tune I’m going to melt that stupid flute into slag”

“I got a peek at his grimoire once. There wasn’t anything interesting in it. So much for Strum the wise or whatever it is he’s calling himself now”

“No we can’t all get along you stupid bitch. Did no one tell you that’s why we’re doing this Alice

“I didn’t like him. But then we got stuck in that cave. He was better company than I expected. I probably would have gone a little crazy trying to get out if he hadn’t kept me occupied. I later realised that those riddles he set had a purpose. I would find myself stuck on some problem and remember one of Tamrael’s puzzles and how I solved it in the cave. Then I would immediately see the answer to my current predicament. I can’t explain that.”

“I spent two weeks trying to convince Orlanna to put me in touch with her Patron. She gave me nothing. Of course the others found out what I was doing and suddenly found a need to teach me the perils of consorting with demons. It was kind of endearing really. They obviously didn’t know about the conversations I had with Kathrassa beforehand.”

“I seem to be Harrick’s only friend now. I understand why he did it. If I was there I would have just incinerated the whole forest instantly. His way was better. Mine would have been too fast”

Kathrassa was more than willing to tell me of her lord and master the Aspect of Gloom. We both left that meeting more powerful than when we arrived.”

Taneck opened the door but it was me that stepped through. The Magi’s tower stretched to the heavens and that was exactly where I was going”

Ophelia is a vibrant character in the holy texts, she speaks her mind and sees nothing wrong with grabbing power for its own sake. I’ve given sermons which paint her as the villain in all of this, but it’s never that simple, sometimes though you just need to present things as black and white for the audience to understand it.


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