Excerpt from “Can the gods lie?” By The Most Holy Narayana.

Orlanna on the other gods.

“The dragon had been hiding in the mountains for weeks. It wasn’t a great Wyrm but Darius didn’t care. I saw him coming a mile away. I hid in the trees waiting. I’d spent too long on the run not to take chances with a stranger on the road.”

“Ophelia spent weeks trying to get me to give up the Lambent One. She didn’t understand I was trying to escape and she really didn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer. I eventually suggested she might have better luck with Kathrassa and she finally left me alone”

“I didn’t see Zemo coming, he was good. But he stopped to inspect my camp and that’s when I pounced. The noise of our scuffle though woke the dragon and the next thing I knew we were all fighting back to back for our survival.”

“I had turned on the people who hated me. Leylanna was betraying those she loved. We both had no choice, but I don’t think I could have done what Leylanna did. She’s the strongest woman I know”

“That damned flute. Rigby never shuts up”

Strum. He’s one of THEM. I don’t trust him. That’s what I thought when I first met him. But he more than proved himself to me since. He made me rethink everything, and I can never repay him for that kindness”

“Oooh she’s so insufferable. Why can’t she just leave me alone? I have enough on my plate already without constantly being reminded about the kids. It’s not like I told them to go fight the kobolds”

Tamrael keeps staring at me. Maybe I should tell him he’s not my type”

“All of them. Every single one. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently neither could anyone else. I couldn’t even imagine that level of destruction. Harrick was far more powerful than any of us thought”

“She works for Gloom. I’m part of Lambent’s brood. Why does everyone think me and Kathrassa have the same master?”

“It took me a while to realise why we put up with Taneck. But then he picked the lock on the Archive and we finally found out how to end everything for good”

It gets much harder to ignore the discrepancies between the texts when you read them side by side.


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